Wedding Spray Tan

As the big day approaches, brides-to-be are often consumed with countless details to ensure their wedding day is nothing short of magical. From selecting the perfect dress to finalizing the guest list, the list of tasks can seem endless. Among these preparations, achieving that radiant bridal glow is undoubtedly high on the priority list. A Spray Tan can be the perfect solution to achieve that sun-kissed radiance, and Soleil Spray is here to provide the ultimate wedding spray tan experience. In this article, we will delve into the ideal timing for getting a spray tan before your wedding, exploring the benefits and considerations, and how Spray Tan for Wedding NYC services by Soleil Spray can make your dream bridal look come true.

The Ideal Timing for a Spray Tan

Timing is everything when it comes to getting a spray tan for your wedding day. The goal is to achieve a natural-looking glow that enhances your beauty without looking overdone. To strike the perfect balance, it’s recommended to schedule your spray tan session one to three days before the wedding.

  1. Two Days Prior: The Sweet Spot

Scheduling your spray tan two days before the wedding is often considered the sweet spot. This timing allows the tan to fully develop, giving you a natural and radiant look on your wedding day. It also provides ample time for any touch-ups if needed. Soleil Spray’s Wedding Spray Tan service is designed to give brides a flawless and even tan that lasts, ensuring you’ll be walking down the aisle with confidence and a radiant glow.

  1. One Day Prior: The Express Option

If you’re short on time or prefer a slightly lighter tan, consider opting for a spray tan one day before the wedding. Some tanning solutions offer express options that develop within a shorter time frame. However, keep in mind that this option might require some familiarity with how your skin reacts to spray tans. It’s essential to choose a trusted tanning company like Soleil Spray to ensure the best results for your big day.

  1. Three Days Prior: For a Subtle Glow

If you’re new to spray tanning and want to test the waters, scheduling your spray tan three days before the wedding can give you a subtle and natural-looking glow. This timing allows the tan to settle in and any initial bronzer to wash off, leaving you with a delicate radiance.

Benefits of a Spray Tan for Your Wedding

A spray tan can offer several benefits to brides-to-be as they prepare for their wedding day:

  1. Even Skin Tone: A spray tan can help even out your skin tone, covering minor blemishes and imperfections. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re wearing a dress that exposes more skin.
  2. Healthy Glow: A sun-kissed glow can make you appear healthier and more vibrant in photos and in person, adding a touch of warmth to your bridal look.
  3. Confidence Boost: Feeling confident on your wedding day is essential. A spray tan can enhance your confidence by giving you a radiant appearance that complements your overall look.
  4. Makeup Enhancement: A spray tan can act as a natural base, allowing your makeup to glide on seamlessly and reducing the need for heavy foundation.
  5. Photographs Well: A properly executed spray tan photographs beautifully, ensuring that you look stunning in both professional and candid shots.

Considerations and Preparations

While a spray tan can work wonders to enhance your bridal look, there are a few considerations and preparations to keep in mind:

  1. Consultation: It’s a good idea to consult with a professional at Soleil Spray before scheduling your spray tan appointment. They can recommend the best shade and formulation to achieve your desired look.
  1. Exfoliation: To ensure an even tan, exfoliate your skin gently a day or two before your spray tan session. This helps remove dead skin cells, ensuring the tanning solution adheres evenly.
  1. Skin Sensitivity: If you have sensitive skin, consider doing a patch test before your spray tan appointment to ensure you won’t have an adverse reaction.
  1. Avoid Water and Sweat: After your spray tan, it’s important to avoid water and sweat for the recommended development time. This ensures the tan sets properly and lasts longer.
  1. Timing with Other Treatments: If you’re getting other beauty treatments like facials, waxing, or nails done, plan your spray tan session accordingly to avoid any interference.


As you embark on the journey to your wedding day, the desire to look and feel your best is completely natural. A spray tan can provide that extra boost of confidence and radiance, enhancing your bridal glow and making you feel like the star of the show. With the Spray Tan for Wedding NYC services by Soleil Spray, you can trust that your spray tan experience will be expertly executed, leaving you with a beautiful and natural-looking tan that perfectly complements your bridal ensemble. Remember, the key to achieving the ideal wedding spray tan is timing, preparation, and partnering with a reputable and trusted tanning company. So, go ahead and embrace that radiant glow as you walk down the aisle on your special day.