Get a Spray Tan for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and looking your best is likely high on your priority list. Among the various beauty preparations brides consider, getting a spray tan has become increasingly popular. It can provide a natural-looking glow, enhance your features, and give you an overall polished appearance. But is it the right choice for your big day? Let’s explore the benefits and considerations of getting a spray tan for your wedding, with a special focus on the convenience and quality provided by Soleil Spray, a renowned mobile spray tan service.

 The Benefits of a Spray Tan for Your Wedding

1. Instant Glow:

A spray tan can give you a beautiful, sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects of UV exposure. This is particularly beneficial for brides who may have pale or uneven skin tones. Soleil Spray’s expert technicians ensure a flawless application, leaving you with a radiant complexion that looks natural and healthy.

2. Photo-Ready Skin:

Professional photographs capture every detail, and a spray tan can help even out your skin tone, making it look smoother and more consistent. This can be especially advantageous under different lighting conditions, ensuring you look stunning in every shot. Soleil Spray offers custom shades to match your skin tone perfectly, enhancing your natural beauty without looking overdone.

3. Convenience:

Planning a wedding involves juggling numerous tasks, and finding time to visit a tanning salon can be challenging. This is where Soleil Spray’s mobile service shines. They bring the salon to your doorstep, allowing you to get a professional spray tan in the comfort of your own home. This convenience can significantly reduce pre-wedding stress and save valuable time.

4. Safe and Skin-Friendly:

Soleil Spray uses high-quality, skin-friendly products that are free from harmful chemicals. Their solutions are designed to nourish and hydrate your skin while providing a beautiful tan. This is particularly important for brides with sensitive skin, as the last thing you want is an adverse reaction before your wedding.

Considerations before Getting a Spray Tan

While the benefits of a spray tan are compelling, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to ensure you achieve the best results for your wedding day.

1. Trial Run:

It’s essential to schedule a trial spray tan a few weeks before your wedding. This allows you to see how the tan develops on your skin and whether the shade is right for you. Soleil Spray offers trial sessions, giving you peace of mind and the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments.

2. Timing:

Timing your spray tan is crucial. Aim to get your tan 2-3 days before the wedding. This allows the color to settle and any initial excess bronzer to wash off, leaving you with a natural, even glow. Soleil Spray’s technicians can help you schedule your appointment for optimal results.

3. Pre-Tan Preparation:

Proper preparation is key to achieving a flawless tan. Exfoliate your skin thoroughly before your appointment to remove dead skin cells and ensure an even application. Avoid applying any lotions, oils, or perfumes on the day of your tan, as these can create barriers on your skin. Soleil Spray provides comprehensive pre-tan instructions to help you prepare effectively.

4. Post-Tan Care:

After your spray tan, follow the recommended aftercare routine to maintain your glow. Avoid showering or sweating for at least 8-10 hours after the application, and when you do shower, use gentle, sulfate-free products. Moisturize regularly to keep your skin hydrated and extend the life of your tan. Soleil Spray provides detailed aftercare instructions to help you maintain your tan’s longevity.

5. Dress Fittings and Accessories:

Consider your dress fittings and accessories when planning your spray tan. Make sure your final fitting is after your tan to avoid any marks or streaks on your gown. Additionally, be cautious with accessories like jewelry, as they can rub against your skin and affect the tan. Soleil Spray’s technicians can offer tips on how to manage your tan with your wedding attire.


A spray tan can be a fantastic way to enhance your bridal beauty and ensure you look radiant on your wedding day. With the convenience and expertise offered by Soleil Spray, achieving a flawless tan has never been easier. By considering the timing, preparation, and aftercare, you can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking glow that complements your overall bridal look.

Ultimately, the decision to get a spray tan for your wedding is a personal one. If you feel it will boost your confidence and help you feel your best, it’s certainly worth considering. With a trusted service like Soleil Spray, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a high-quality tan tailored to your unique needs, helping you shine on one of the most memorable days of your life.